Financial Planning

You're proud of the life you've built and the work you've done.


We're here to help you feel less overwhelmed and anxious about managing your finances.

Allow us to help you spend more in alignment with your values and strike a sound balance between preserving your financial future and living life right now.

Focus Areas

 Cash Flow

 Net Worth

 Education Funding

 Investment Review

 Retirement Planning


 Estate Planning

 Tax Strategy

5 Step Sound View Process

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We meet to see if we're a fit. At the end of this meeting, we decide if we should work together or if I can help you find another advisor or resources to meet your needs.

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Once you’ve decided you’re ready to get started we’ll send you a link to your financial planning website, instructional video and a link to set up our next planning meeting. When you are ready, we will continue reviewing your priorities, tax situation, your income, investments and estate plan. This sets the foundation for our regular review process.

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The next step is meeting to review the information you've provided and fill in any missing information or unanswered questions (in-person or virtually). During this 45-60 minute meeting, we will review your financial goals and money mindset. You’ll share concerns, desires, and basic financial information.

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This planning meeting is all about you! We will meet for one hour and discuss our observations of your financial situation. We will review our ideas to help you meet your goals, reduce anxiety and feel confident about your money. You’ll receive a copy of your Financial Plan.

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When your financial strategy is in place, we will regularly revisit your goals, review your portfolio, and answer any remaining questions twice a year (Spring and Fall Reviews) or as needed. The purpose of these regular meetings is to keep each other updated and informed so we can best serve your needs!

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